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C&C Farms is a strong steadfast supporter of farming, ranching, and property rights in North Dakota. We commit hundreds of hours and financial assistance each year to show our support.  Our commitment is to the future of farming, ranching, and property ownership. In hopes, the next generation can be afforded the same rights and blessings we've worked so hard to maintain.

We must all stand together against outside influence to protect our way of life. 

Please become involved with your time, knowledge, or financial support. This is the best gift we can give our family farms and future generations.

Sincerely C and C Farms

Troy Coons 

Northwest Landowners Association


We work to change and rewrite legislation that will protect our land and rights for generations to come. Through knowledge and numbers, we can make a lasting impact in North Dakota.
As we work daily with lawmakers and politicians in North Dakota and Washington D.C., NWLA will keep you informed of changes to legislation, legislative proposals and land rights that affect you.
Education plays an important role in enacting lasting change. By providing knowledge and resources, we can work together to create better legislation and land practices.

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